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External Cybersecurity Health Check
You would love to have a free health check for your external cybersecurity.
A host of new and evolving cybersecurity threats set off alarm bells among the information security sector. Advancement of new hacking tools leaves us vulnerable to numerous types of new cyber risks. Cyberattacks are getting more and more sophisticated. 
If you concern over your cybersecurity, register now for a free health check to discover if there are any external threats trying to attack your business!
What are included?

1. External Threat and Exposure Report

  • Showing what existing threats have been found  related your organization

2. Access right for the Threat Intelligence Platform 

  • Threat intelligence (malicious IP/Domain/hashes/URL)

  • Digest of closely-related daily security news

  • Data breach search 

  • CVE patch management system

  • Risk score and statistics

  • Threat intelligence consolidated management system

3. One-hour Training on the External Threat Intelligence Platform

Register Now!
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